Ainsworth Hot Springs British Columbia Canada
Ainsworth Hot Springs British Columbia Canada

Ainsworth Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada
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Ainsworth Hot Springs Pools and Caves are nestled alongside the Kootenay Lake, amidst the Selkirk Mountain Range. Rugged Kootenay Lake stretches 100 kilometre through southeastern British Columbia, west of the Purcell Mountains. It is crossed by a free ferry that connects Balfour on the west with Kootenay Bay on the east. Breathtaking views surround you as you luxuriate in the large outside hotsprings pool or hot-tub. Just beyond the hot-tub are the natural caves, horseshoe-shaped, waist-deep and exceeding temperatures of 46 degree (115F). When you exit the caves, we recommend you try the instant cool-down in the Glacier Plunge Tub, beside the caves and hot-tub, before entering the outside pool that's cooled to a comfortable 36 degree (97F) for pleasurable swimming or soaking. Your view from the pools will be the pristine Kootenay Lake, famed for it's giant Gerrard Rainbow (13.5 kg / 30+ lbs), and the smaller, land-locked salmon, called the Kokanee, which will appeal to the year-round fishing enthusiasts. Hikers will enjoy the many mountain trails and lakes that surround us and golfers soon recognize this area to be a Golfers Paradise! The excellent downhill and cross-country skiing available in the winter months is comparable to the best ski-hills of the Rocky Mountains and there is no better way to finish off that perfect day of skiing, hiking, fishing, or golfing, than to melt into the Ainsworth Hot Springs Pools and Caves. The Hot Springs Pools and Caves are open year-round, 10:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. daily, and single passes cost $4.50-$6.50 each, depending on age.

Cody Caves Provincial Park
Above Ainsworth Hot Springs, high in the Selkirk Mountains you will find Cody Cave Provincial Park. The Cody Caves are a system of tunnels and galleries containing stalactites, stalagmites, soda straws and other cave features. An underground stream flows for over one kilometre through ancient limestone. The caves are the result from million of years water action on layers of limestone. Tours are available for visitors. Visitors should wear sturdy outdoor footwear and suitable clothing as the temperature in the caves is only about 6 degrees (42F).

You can access the park from Hwy 31 via a 3 kilometre rough gravel road. This gravel road is unsuitable for large motor homes and low clearance vehicles.

Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park
The Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park covers an area of 32,000 hectares an is situated in the Slocan Range of the Selkirk Mountains.

Kokanee is a Kootenay Indian word and means "red fish" referring to the land-locked salmon of Kootenay Lake. Within the park you will find over 30 glacial lakes, rich wildlife such as mountain goat, deer, black bear and squirrels, and bird species including grouse and golden eagle. Much of the parks landscape is made up of Nelson granite, which makes an impressive geological formation.

Near Kokanee Glacier - (Photo Credit: ©Tourism British Columbia)
The park is excellent for experienced outdoor enthusiasts interested in adventurous hiking or mountaineering.

From Ainsworth Hot Springs, located on Highway 31, drive 1 km north to Woodbury Creek and follow it for 13 km to the trailhead.

This Travel Guide was kindly made available by Marsha Gillies of Mermaid Lodge & Motel in Ainsworth Hot Springs.

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