Sooke British Columbia Canada
Sooke British Columbia Canada

Sooke, British Columbia, Canada
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Sooke boasts some of the best salmon and halibut fishing on the West Coast. The Harbor and Straits are incredibly wild and beautiful, while fishing for the big one with one of our well-experienced fishing guides.

It is now the end of February and we are experiencing lovely t-shirt weather. The bulbs and early spring flowering plums are in bloom.

The early rhododendrons are blooming and the new tips of the leaves are showing their color. We experience spring from February to June.

Western Red Cedar - (Photo Credit: ©Tourism British Columbia)

The tides on the many coastal trails are at their lowest. It is a great time to enjoy the tide pools and walks on the beaches. There are young seals and sea lions bathing on the rocks by the seaside. The largest trees in North America are on our West Coast. Hike through the massive cedar and fir trees to come upon a waterfall and hear the ocean waves crashing on the craggy cliffs.

There are 2 private wharfs and a government wharf from whence you can drop a crab trap or a shrimp trap and enjoy a feast of freshly caught seafood, back at many of the accommodations available in our area.

We do have some snow for those who would like a white adventure. A fifteen-minute drive will take you into the Sooke Hills and the snow or go for a hike with many of our knowledgeable back roads and hills adventure tour guides.

Summer time bring refreshing swims our salmon bearing rivers or in our trout filled lakes. For incredible views and adventures visit over 30 of our parks to experience peace, tranquility, exhilaration, and all that nature has to offer, from whales to bears and cougars, we have it all.

Sooke is nature's best-kept little secret. No busy roads, no city, only miles and miles of forest, rivers, ocean and nature.

Orca Whale, Vancouver Island - (Photo Credit: ©Tourism British Columbia)

If you need a break from nature visit many of our talented artisans and shops. Enjoy hearty meals and any of our many restaurants. Make sure you have at least 4 days to visit many of the sights in Sooke or stay longer and drive the 20 km to Victoria to take in some of the many sights there and return to peace and quiet in Sooke to rest and find out more to do from any of the many knowledgeable hosts.

Events such as the All Sooke Day, which is held on the third Saturday in July every year, let you experience Sooke to its fullest. The event is known for its logging sports and salmon barbecue. The month of August is full of events such as the longboat races or the ten days Vancouver Island Fine Arts Show.

Nature enthusiast will enjoy the East Sooke Park, which consists out of 1422 hectares protected coastal landscape. The East Sooke Coast Trail is renown for its unique west coast wilderness experience.

The Spanish were the first to arrive at Sooke Inlet in 1790, but the British took control over soon. Later Vancouver Island was granted to the Hudson's Bay Company.

First industries were found in logging, mining and fishing trading mainly with Fort Victoria. Rich deposits of copper and iron made mining lucrative for almost one century. Some of the largest trees of North America, with stumps of up to 3 metres in diameter, fed the logging industry.

Black Bear - (Photo Credit: ©Tourism British Columbia)

This Travel Guide was kindly made available by Ellen Lewers of Mrs. Lewers Farmhouse B & B in Sooke. You can contact Ellen by Email.

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